We are proud to carry FimoCreations, the polymer clay magic, of Jon Anderson.


The Foal is innocent, the Mare nuturing and the Stallion proud.


The newest cat family

How does he do it? These amazing animals are created by Jon Anderson using colored Fimo clay. Every color in each design is actually a different piece of clay, There is absolutely no paint used whatsoever.  Using a technique based on the ancient Millifiora method of glassmaking, Jon combines different colored canes of clay to create an illustration roughly the size and shape of a loaf of bread. The central design is repeatedly stretched and cut as other designs are added. Just as In nature, simplicity is replicated over and over until the finished organism becomes quite complex. The composite image is finally reduced by further stretching to the size of a small coin and then cut and applied much like mosaic tiles to the animal's form. Each and every stage of this arduous process is done completely by hand. The entire piece Is then fired and finished.  Because each piece is completely handmade, no two are ever exactly alike and once the design tiles are all used, that image is gone forever. This renders each and every piece unique and collectible.

Jon Anderson is simply the most accomplished polymer artist in the wortd today. An exceptional combination of artist, botanist, mathematician, zoologist and engineer, Jon is inspired by the wonders of nature as well as the ancient cultures of the world and their art. He has been refining these amazing sculptures for over a decade and continues to create new and beautiful images by his own hand every day in his studio hidden deep in the paradise of Bali.

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